W4SVR (SK) Estate Ham Gear and Electronics for Sale

Contact Marshall WA4OFW with questions, request for pictures of these items or to purchase. My e-mail addy is good on QRZ or you can copy and paste: wa4ofw2arrl.net into your e-mail program and then replace the number 2 with the @ symbol. (This added step is done to reduce spam in my inbox).

All proceeds from sale of this equipment is going to Charles’s widow. I can provide receipts. Payment by cash, Venmo, money orders, or cashiers checks. Shipping is not included in prices listed with the equipment. I can ship by USPS Priority, usually within one business day of your payment being received.

If you are interested in any items with no price listed yet please feel free to make a reasonable offer.


Icom IC-7100     160 – 6M, 2m and 70cm, D-Star capable, mobile / base radio, control head, power cable, control cable, microphone and original paper manual. Like new, used very little.  $900.00

Click on the image below to see more and larger pictures of the IC-7100


Icom IC-730  HF base with optional narrow FL-45 500 hz cw filter and Icom IC-SM6 desk mic. 80 – 10m used, good condition, radio works well, good power out on all bands. Originally made in the early / mid 1980s.  Short power cable with powerpoles  $275.00

Click on the image below to see more and larger pictures of the IC-730.


Icom IC-2720H Dual band 2m 440 FM transceiver with mic and power cable. Will work cross band repeat, dual receive and has wideband receive. TX and RX check OK and is in good physical condition. Buttons on mic and radio show use and wear but everything seems to work OK. $150.00

Courier 23 by ECI, CB radio, tube type 23 channel, fair condition, looks complete but have not tested  $ FREE

Echophone Commercial Antique Ham / Shortwave receiver, .55 to 30 MHz, believe it is WWII era., fair condition, needs repair.  $ FREE

Astatic Corp. D-104 Microphone with T-UG8 stand, used, fair condition

Baofeng UV-5R  with antenna. Like new. Battery, battery charger, belt clip and wrist strap $15.00

Yaesu SCU-20 Interface / programming cable, like new

TPL amplifier  # PA6-1AC-2  FM 400 – 512 MHz, specs state 3-6w in for 20 – 40w out, with power cable

Tenma capacitor tester #72-040 with case and test leads

Radio Shack power supply, #22-507 13.8v DC, 3A, very good condition, binding post and cigarette lighter jack

Zurich power supply # RPS-1512A.  13.8V DC  15A continuous, 18A max, bit rough physical condition but working OK, binding post for output connection 

Signalink USB  SLUSB with cables, like new, external sound card interface for digital modes. The included cables are the USB for connecting Signalink to computer and one for SignaLink to radio which is a 6 pin mini-DIN. I believe this Signalink was set up for use with Icom IC-7100 as that was the only radio he had with a 6 pin mini-DIN data connection.  $100.00

Bird Dummy Load 50 ohm, 300 watt model # 8173, good condition and works OK, missing 1 rubber foot pad. $100.00

Diamond DL-30A small dummy load. DC – 500 MHz, 15w continuous, new in package $35.00

Greenlee #1806 ratchet knockout punch driver / chassis hole punch tool set in hard plastic case. Used $125.00

Bird wattmeter slugs, 2 each, in small case, 1ea 100w 200-500MHz and 1ea 100w 100-250MHz

Polyphaser  1ea, IS-CT50HN-MA, new in box, 800-900MHz, N male to N female, combiner flange mount

Polyphaser, 2 each, new, IS-TVRO-2, mfg date 04/95



2m / 70cm mag mount anteanna with coax

Mag mount with coax, NMO to ? connector, used

Antenna mag mount, 2 each, used, Motorola NMO type mount, 12” of RG58A/U coax with mini-uhf connector

VHF antenna, new, Laird Technologies Antenex VHF Phantom Tunable

Mobile antenna cable and mount assembly, NEW, Motorola HAE4003A, Motorola NMO mount, RG58A/U coax and mini-uhf connector

Mobile antenna cable and mount assembly, 2 each, Motorola HAF4016A  New in sealed bags, NMO mount, 17” of  coax and mini-uhf connector

Mobile antenna mount and cable assembly, New, NMO mount with RG58A/U coax and connector

STI-CO Flexi-Whip multiband mobile antenna, 2 vertical elements, NMO mount

Horizon Antenna Systems, Inc. 2m vertical  Used, fair condition. Tested in yard and holding antenna up in air it does work fine and SWR measured 1.35-1 at 146.000 MHz and SWR was 2-1 or less across the entire 2m band.  74” tall with four 19” radials.


Commscope copper grounding bar kit with hardware, 2 each, new in box # Commscope  UGBKIT-0412

Belden-E  50 ohm coax #7733A, RG8 type low loss, solid center conductor, like new, used in attic for short period of time, looks like new. 1 roll approximately 60ft and 1 roll approximately 85 ft. price TBD

Belden-E  50 ohm coax #7733A, new/unused on reel, RG8/U foam type low loss, solid center conductor, length TBD

M/A-COM Mobile microphone, new in box, Model # MC101616V1 R3A

Large assortment of coax cable connector adapters, let me know what you need, many are type N to ?

Type N connectors, 12 each, new in package, Andrew #41SW

Otto Communications remote speaker microphone, new in box, # V2-10154, set up for plug in use with Harris Jaguar 700P and other Harris models.

ChargeGaurd by Havis, Inc. chargegaurd.com, new in box, protect mobile electronics from voltage irregularities and prevents dead vehicle battery. Model # CG-X

GaiTronics Corporation 2 each, used but VGC Model XAAB002A communications interface box, radio / deskset / boom mic / foot switch, phone headset, desk mic, handset

Plantronics LW Headset Encore Pro Model # HW510 NA ROW  P/N 89433-01, in original box, is new or like new

Radio Shack amplified speaker # 32-2040, VGC, checked and works with batteries in internal tray and also external 9vdc supply. (batteries and external power supply not included in sale)

Foot switch, have 2 each of these, Linemaster Switch Corporation, XHD foot switch as used in police/fire/rescue communications centers and more. Clipper Twin Switch, has two separate foot switches mounted on one HD plate. Look to be new and never used. Great for ham use as PTT switch to keep your hands free when contesting, net control, etc. Special Catalog # SP-522-327

Foot switch, 1 each, Linemaster Switch Corporation, XHD foot switch as used in police/fire/rescue communications centers and more. Clipper Single Switch, has one foot switches mounted on one HD plate. Used, good condition, cat # 632-S

48vdc to 120vac inverter, 2ea, used, Wilmore (Hillsbourgh, NC) DC-AC inverter model #1654, 120vac 60hz, 1000VA. Full model number 1654-48-120-60-L

Pack of Powerpole type connectors, large, blue with terminals, for high current judging by size of the terminals but I do not have any specific info as they are unmarked.

RF Industries RFA-4023-01 RF Connectors Expanded Unidapt Kit kit allows you to adapt many different connectors used for RF. In padded hard plastic case. Very good condition $450.00

PowerPole type connectors, red and black, 2 sets of assorted sizes in clear plastic cases.

Decibel Products Inc. #DB-365 Mast / Tower / Antenna mounting kit, new old stock, box in rough shape but contents all look new, missing one end bracket.

Andrew coax connectors, new old stock in original packaging: 3ea # 44ASW  N male 2ea # 41SP       UHF 2ea # L44P UHF Male 1ea # L44U UHF Female 1ea # F4NMV2 N Male 2ea # L44N N Female 1ea # 44ASU UHF Female 1ea # L45N 1 bag of misc. Andrew connector bodies and center pins



Motorola Weather Proof “Power Voice” amplified speaker, new old stock still in original box and wrapping, with paperwork

Motorola CDM 1250  2m Mobile, radio and control head are separate, comes with mic and control cable to connect radio and control head. Checked OK  Low power 25 watts, High power 50 watts

Motorola XPR6550  UHF Portable (403 – 470MHz) with antenna, battery charger, battery and interface cable. 4watts, 1000 channels

Motorola XPR6550  UHF Portable (403 – 470MHz) with antenna, battery charger, battery and interface cable. 4watts, 1000 channels

Motorola XPR6550  UHF Portable (403 – 470MHz) with antenna and battery. 4watts, 1000 channels, intermittent channel select, Model # AAH55QDH9LA1AN  D210

Motorola XPR6550  UHF Portable (403 – 470MHz) with antenna and battery. 4watts, 1000 channels, display scratched up, Model # AAH55QDH9LA1AN  F651

Motorola XPR6550  UHF Portable (403 – 470MHz) with antenna and battery. 4watts, 1000 channels, VGC, Model # AAH55QDH9LA1AN  A078

Motorola XPR6550  UHF Portable (403 – 470MHz) with antenna and battery. 4watts, 1000 channels, some scratches on case, Model # AAH55QDH9LA1AN  M671

3each spare battery for XPR6550

Motorola XTS 2500 VHF 2m Portable with antenna, 1 charger and 3 batteries, TX and RX OK, VGC

Motorola XPR 5550 UHF Mobile 403 – 470MHz, 1 – 25 watts, color display with Bluetooth and GPS, DMR, Model AAM28QNN9KA1AN

Motorola XTL-5000, 800 MHz 2 each, like new

2 each Motorola battery charging stands NNTN8845A with wall adapters ML36-41145-A00S and  batteries PMNN4486A Motorola Radio metering test panel, part number TLN2419A, in small hard padded case, for use on base station radios / repeaters, I believe it was for the MSF5000 series radio but am not certain of that.

Motorola desktop tray with speaker, mount mobile and use as base. 2 each, HLN6042A, VGC

Motorola desk mic, # RMN5070A, New in box

Motorola desk mic, # RMN5070A, 3 each, used

Motorola power supply # AE210-3101, 2 each,  14.1v DC, 8a continuous, 15a max for 20 minutes, 8a for 60 mins in any 80 minute period. Mot Kit # HPN4007C

Motorola power supply, New old stock, in original box and internal wrapping. With AC input and DC output cables. Part number TPN1136A  14.2vdc, does not list output rating in amps but the original DC cable in the box has a 15 amp fuse in it.

Motorola power supply, used, #TPN-1154A, rated 14.1 VDC but a quick check with light load shows output voltage at 15.2vdc so it needs work. AC supply cord needs replacing as outer jacket is in poor shape

Motorola APX7000 battery eliminator with cigarette lighter plug, not Motorola brand item, part #OSBEAPX7000

Motorola Impress Adaptive charger v3.40 # WPLN4114AR, VGC

Impress Battery Data Reader NNTN7392A, like new

Motorola portable radio programming cable, 2 each, USB,  #PMKN4012B Rev B

Maxtor data brand mobile radio programming cable # RPC-MM-U for Motorola GM338 / GM3188 and others

Motorola portable microphone # NMN6191C, VGC+

Motorola portable microphone # PMMN4084A, VGC+

Motorola portable microphone # PMMN4099CL, VGC+

Motorola portable microphone # HMN4104B, VGC+

Motorola portable microphone # PMMN4106BBLK, VGC+

Motorola portable microphone #RMN5089B, Commandor II, NEW

Motorola portable microphone #RMN5089B, Commandor II, like new

Motorola portable microphone #PMMN4045B, VGC+

Motorola portable programming cable # RKN4105A

Motorola serial programming cable HKN6155, not sure if A or B part number suffix. Astro Spectra Plus and XTL5000 with W series control head. RS232 to XTL5000 rectangular plug.